Travel Plans For 2021 Solo Travel

Travel Plans For 2021 Solo Travel

Who knows right?

Well, in theory, and before the coronavirus become serious. Plans had been set in place.

A few actually, an expensive year in terms of travel. Travel is something I love to do to anyway so do not mind the expense really.

2 ‘trips’ abroad are planned. They are as follows.

A stag do to Marbella, mid May I think. Best check that.

I know, not my choice, probably the most expensive party place along with Ibiza, outside of Monte Carlo!

I’ve done Ibizia before, it is not that bad really except the large clubs where it is around £50-£100 to get in and around £15 for a bottle of beer.

Crazy. Marbella is supposed to be much the same.

Anyway, Marbella is a four-day trip and a test of stamina more than a break. As stag do’s always are.

Fortunately, the wedding is in the UK and only an hour or so away.

Next up is another wedding that is in Rhodes, Greece just a couple of weeks after. What is it with everybody getting married?

I am having 7 days in Rhodes. Zante was checked off a few years ago but I have not been to Rhodes.

Here is where things are a little different. A lot of my friends have children so are staying in a resort for 2 weeks. Personally, that just is not for me.

Bored would be an understatement.

Traveling Alone, Solo Traveling

Travelling alone is something I have wanted to do for a while.

A couple of times I have backpacked around Europe and even Vietnam (it was awesome) with friends.

I tell a lie. I have travelled alone before actually in Oman of all places. A small trip for work (literally an hours work haha). I took full advantage and explored as much as possible.

It occured to me, what better time to try it properly though?

So, I went on Skyscanner with no real destination in mind, just somewhere random I had not been with an attractive airfare.

20 minutes later I had booked a flight to Kiev! The capital of Ukraine.

7 days in Rhodes stopping in a Villa with groom and others, then onto Kiev.

I’ve always been fond of eastern Europe and have been to a fair few places. They are not as ‘touristy’ and the prices can be amazing. Plus I have done most of western Europe anyway.

A one-way flight was booked for about £60, bargain. Of course, then corona became much more widespread and that put a stop to my plans.

The plan was to do around 4 days in Kiev (Kyiv), then squeeze one more place in when flying back west. Rome is high on the list. Rome is one of the major places I have not been to, yet.

Unfortunately, it’s looking doubtful these plans will go ahead at the moment anyway. Let us all just hope the vaccine gets out there and is effective.

Fingers are crossed.

Hopefully, the Stag Do, wedding and Kiev will be ok. Adding an extra destitnation especially Rome I think will be out of the question.

At least it saves me pennies. Kiev (Kyiv) is a pretty cheap city from the research I did after booking the flight.

No accomodation has been booked for Kiev. That’s the least of my worries.

Even the stag do, the flights have not been sorted yet. Accommodation has though.

Greece is obviously all sorted.

Travelling When I Hit Financial Independance

Traveling is something I want to do a lot more of.

All the real cheap flights, within Europe, at least always fall withing weekdays.

Picking up £50 return flights for 3-5 days away somewhere is the dream.

Cheap Airbnb sorted.

Try the same fight over the weekend. You would be looking to double the cost at least.

For me, stopping in a cheap hotel is great. I want to sleep there and that’s it.

Exploring day and night. Paying a lot for a nice hotel only really makes sense for special occasions or when you know you’re going to be making use of the room and facilities. Aka Honeymoon.

Speaking of Airbnb I started a position in growth portfolio after they IPO’d the other day. Once the virus is over, I think they will do really well, more so than hotels anyway.



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