Trading 212 Web App

Trading 212 Web App

Have you seen it yet?

It is finally here. I for one am impressed.

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Bearing a striking resemblance to the M1 Finance web app we see all over Youtube from our American friends. Trading 212 Web App is currently still in beta but it looks a little something like this.

Trading 212 Web App

With a totally updated and much more featured web interface, no longer are restricted to the mobile app to be able to do certain things.

Finally, we can edit and create PIEs from within the web app in your favourite browser. Chrome in my case.

We all now and love mobile apps but personally for something as serious as your investments I want a nice web interface.

The wait is over guys.

Essentially its the same interface as the mobile app. Albeit on a larger scale with more real estate obviously.

All of the company metrics and information are accessable withing the Trading 212 web app.

We can also enable and modify our Autoinvest schedule at any time, adjust our target distribution and even adjust the goal for each pie.

Not all of my investments are in PIEs, not yet anyway.

In time they likely will be as I dial in my portfolio.

Another feature is the ability to share a PIE so others can see. Here is my “Food and Drink” PIE as an example. A creative name I know right?

Names and icons can be changed at any time so no need to fuss about that anyway.

Hopefully, by this time next year all of my positions in my Invest account will have been moved over to my ISA.

Not sure on the differnce? Not to worry, I have you covered.

Trading 212 Invest vs ISA will outline the key differences between them.

Need a handy way to track your Dividend-paying investment. Grab a copy of my Dividend Spreadsheet and make your life easier.

What’s Next For Trading 212

Innovation seems to be what they do best.

In the pipeline are talks of PIEs within PIEs, Options Trading is another idea that has been put forward by the community. Multi currency accounts just to name a few.

I forsee only good things for Trading in general and the Trading 212 Web App is just another prime example of how committed they are to delivering what their customers want.

Options trading does not appear to be first in the list of things they are wanting to bring, but seeing how Robin Hood pulled out of the UK market I think if they did bring Options trading to Trading 212 then they would certainly corner the market.

An API is another big suggestion as well, I am currently using Finki API to pull in stock information such as ex-dividend date, pay date and dividend amount into my Dividend Spreadsheet automatically.

Another highly requested feature is the ability to pull out data in .csv for tax reporting reasons and such. Not really and issue for me personally as I’m using an ISA that is tax-free.

Trading 212 Free Share

Guys if you have not yet signed up then make sure you do so via my link as we both get a free share when doing so. You only need to deposit £1 to bag yourself a free share.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and start building your wealth now and into the future.

As always nothing on this site is financial advice.


Sean C

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