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My Trading 212 PIEs

UPDATED* Trading 212 have now introduced a PIE Library. See below in the next section.

Now I can share my PIEs here they are. Note this will only work on mobile for now. Click the link and the PIE will be displayed withing the Trading 212 App.

My PIEs are working well. They have been broken down into small PIES as discussed shortly. Click the PIE link on mobile to see the PIE inside the Trading 212 app.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to the same on a desktop. At least for now its mobile only.

Trading 212 PIEs

Finally, Trading 212 Pies are out of beta and available for all, even if you did not sign up. I thought

I would update this post as it seems more of you will be using them now.

Personally I have set up 4 Pies for now and automated some of my investments.

Firstly we have an ETF Pie, this is a real no brainer, I have 3 slices to this PIE as pictured below. ETFs require no thought or any attention, just keep investing and watch it grow!

Even better now that Trading 212 has made PIEs public we can import our current investing into them. Previously during the beta, we could not do this.

What is still needed though is the ability to hide our investments on the ‘investments’ tab that are contained within the PIE. It would tidy things up no end. I am positive it will come soon though.

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Always, always ensure you make sure your Trading 212 app is up to date by going into your app or play store. Just a couple of days ago, mine updated and I got the new feature below.

Trading 212 PIE Library

Trading 212 PIEs can now be shared. Better still they can be copied.

Yes. Just a couple of days ago I got the update to the mobile app.

There is now a new option called Pie library under your options menu, inside the Trading 212 app. From here it displays all the most popular PIEs that users have elected to share with the community.

To share your own PIE, open up the pie and you should see a new tab called sharing. If not you have not had the update yet.

It is a really nice feature to have. From within the PIE Libraby you can also comment on other peoples PIEs.

Just clicking on the PIE will give you the abilty to copy the entire PIE and start using it yourself. It shows you the predicted returns of the PIE based on the last 5 years.

Take this with a pinch of salt mind you.

I have created a user profile myself – UsefulRandom

All of my PIEs have been shared should you wish to have a look.

You will need a real money account to use the new Trading 212 PIE library.

Descriptions can also be added for each PIE you share.

Personally, I have broken my whole portfolio down into 8 smaller PIES. Doing this gives me greater control.

It is much easier for me to allocate capital to a certain sector or industry now, with smaller pies.

Sign up here if you have not done so yet.

Having the ability to share you PIE and help newer investors get an idea of where to start will be great. Asking questions just got a whole lot easier with comments as well.

An avatar can be set along with your username the community sees. I used the red diamond from my logo. For now, Trading 212 PIE library is only available on the mobile app and not via the web app.

Trading 212 Growth PIEs

Trading 212 PIEs has even made me start a growth stock portfolio in the FAANG stocks.

That’s Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix Google in case you have not come across that neat acronym yet.

The + on my FANNG+ is because I have added Tesla and Microsoft into the PIE. Microsoft was already in my portfolio anyway though.

Technically both Apple and Microsoft pay dividends but they are pretty low yields so really are more growth plays.

My PC Pie, contains just AMD, Nvidea and Intel. I’m a pretty big PC enthusiast so thought I would dedicate a separate PIE to them.

After reading more books, I think every investors portfolio should contain ETFs, Dividend paying stocks and growth stocks.

Also, it occurred to me that in 10-15 years time, most of the growth stocks will likely start paying a dividend anyway.

Only a small percentage of my capital will be deployed into the growth side though, dividend investing is my main focus for sure.

I can not foresee a time when I will add bonds though.

Comment below if you have setup and automated any PIEs yet.

Looking similar to M1 Finance that is no bad thing, not only are PIE now available to all, the web interface has also been updated to look more like the mobile apps.

Allowing us to view company information and edit or create PIEs. Looks very nice indeed. Who hasn’t dreamed of a holiday to Hawaii right?

Check out some of my favourite books on investing.

Now available, you can get a copy of dividend tracking spreadsheet.

Trading 212 Pies offers a way for us to ‘section’ off certain stocks into mini portfolios or Pies!

In doing this we will have the ability to break our portfolios down into smaller targets or goals as shown above.

Do you want to get a free stock share worth up to £100?

Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link and we both get a free share! A free share to get you started on the Dividend Investing journey with me.

Recently, I have started investing in some Trading 212 Growth Stocks as well, all in its own PIE of course! Be sure to have a read of that post.

Multiple PIEs

W can have one Pie for Dividend Investing and another pie for Growth Stocks that do not currently pay a dividend. Even a separate pie just containing ETFs, that is exactly what I have done so far.

Having Pies will enable a more streamlined approach to managing your portfolio. I will likely have a handful of pies, one for dividend stocks, one for growth stocks at a minimum.

Potentially though, the real rockstar positions may get a dedicated PIE so they require no thought.

A high-risk pie would need to be treated with care for obvious reason and likely only a small amount of money would be sent into that pie

That is if I ever decided to create such a PIE.

Mostly for a bit of excitement rather than trying to pick that one stock that gains 200% in a year.

Trading 212 Browser Add-on

Just this week I had a pop-up in Chrome for a browser extension. I immediately installed it off course. With the click of a button now at the top of my browser I can open and view my portfolio.

Not only this you can buy and sell stocks. It is kind of like the app for mobile but as a browser add-on.

Unfortunately, the app currently does not show the information on each company as the app does. Such as their earnings reports and other key metrics.

However what it does do is show the total gain/loss as a percentage – for some reason, the website in a browser only shows capital gain or loss as a figure in currency.

We can also switch seamlessly between Trading 212 Invest and ISA just as in the app.


AutoInvest is availble inside our PIEs. It allows us to automatically invest a certain amount on a certain date with a given frequency.

Not only this but we can also turn dividend reinvestment on!

All dividends shall be reinvested into said PIE at the next PIE deposit and following the PIEs target allocations. A real set and forget feature.

Once a PIE is created, Trading 212 give us an expected return based on the weighting and the last 5 years performance. It appears to be a compound interest calculator.

Giving estimates to how much your portfolio would be worth with a given starting capital and set monthly contributions for a given period of time.

Bear in mind that past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Trading 212 PIEs with Autoinvest trully allow us to invest on autopilot.

With all these new features combined investing has never been easier.

Innovation and leading the pack seem to be what Trading 212 do best. Always bringing new features their platform.

Trading 212 PIE Dividend Reinvestment

Currently there is a little known nuance.

It’s only a minor quibble and will no doubt be improved in the future though.

So, at the moment let’s say you have 2 slices in your PIE for simplicity’s sake.

Company A and Company B.

Company A pays you a very healthy dividend of £100.

Well, at the moment that dividend will be reinvested, but not how you may think.

It will be reinvested across your whole PIE so a 50% split across Company A and Company B assuming your PIE is set up as a 50/50 split that is.

Over the long term, this would be largely irrelevant. However, it will slightly affect your compounding returns, and I mean very slightly.

Does this really matter? That’s up to you, I think most of would like to be able to reinvest the dividend 100% back into the company that actually paid it and not split across the whole pie.

Imagine you had 10 slices in your PIE and the same £100 dividend was paid by one company, then each only gets a £10 reinvestment. Again, if the 10 slice PIE is weighted equally.

At the end of the day though, those other 9 slices will be paying you out very soon anyway and that money will be reinvested as well.

Whatever help you sleep at night!

For me, I am having it turned on or off on a PIE by PIE basis.

If Trading 212 does bring the ability to auto reinvest the dividend to the company that paid it.

With control on an individual level inside the pie then you can bet your bottom dollar( or should I say Pound?) I’m going to turn that on for nearly all of my holdings though!

Opening a new ISA

Hooray, we can all now open a new ISA for the new financial year. I open one in the video above to show you how easy it is to do so. If you are not sure what the benefits of an ISA are, then read this Trading 212 Invest vs ISA.

Personally I shall be waiting until the stock prices of my portfolio recover to be able to move them across in the ISA.

We have to sell the shares and buy back unfortunately, I did ask the question if we could just transfer the portfolio straight over to an ISA.

If you are new, then open the ISA straight away.

Having already opened one in August with Vanguard, I had to wait until the new tax year to open another one.

I also opened an account with FreeTrade in my latest video above. It is however too soon to form an option on them. Although I will say thus far I have only found negatives for FreeTrade, not finding anything that Trading 212 does not do better so far.

After a month I shall likely form a more educated opinion and make a full post on them.

Trading 212 Free Share

If you have not started your journey yet but are reading this article, you are in the right place.

Sign up with the link below to get started now.

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We both get a free share!

As of now, I am currently averaging £44 o a month with my Portfolio in dividends for doing nothing.

Check out a recap of my first-quarter dividend investing in 2020 here.

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None of the above should be used as financial advice, I am not a professional. Always do your own research.



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