Trading 212 Guide For Beginners

Trading 212 For Beginners

Trading 212 Guide For Beginners **UPDATE 11/2/21** If you get put on a waiting list when you try and sign up, do not worry you will still get your free share! You can enter FMA3SCnL … Read more

What is a Dividend

what is a dividend

What is a Dividend You have no doubt heard of dividends in one way or another. If you have been looking into or are already investing, but do you actually know what a dividend is? … Read more

Freetrade vs Trading 212


Freetrade vs Trading 212 **UPDATE 16/2/2020** I thought it only fair to update this post a little. I shall keep it as below but just add this section. Freetrade is now up to par with … Read more

Dividend Reinvestment Plans

Dividend reinvestment plan

Dividend Reinvestment Plans – DRIP You may have heard the term Dividend Reinvestment Plans before or often just DRIP (it’s just an acronym). It also describes what is happening to have your dividends drip money … Read more