Dividend Reinvestment Plans

Dividend reinvestment plan

Dividend Reinvestment Plans – DRIP You may have heard the term Dividend Reinvestment Plans before or often just DRIP (it’s just an acronym). It also describes what is happening to have your dividends drip money … Read more

Finki API

Fink Api google sheets

What is Finki API Finki API is an API that gives us the ability to pull stock data into our spreadsheets. By using Finki API to do this we can automatically pull essential information on … Read more

Q1 2020 Dividend Investing

Q1 2020 Dividend Investing Recap

Q1 2020 Dividend So, what a crazy ride it has been for my Q1 2020 Dividend investing journey. Filled with highs and LOWs it has certainly been a roller coaster that’s for sure. Starting strong … Read more

Dividend Yield

Dividend Yield

Dividend Yield, what is it The dividend yield is to put it simply the ratio of what a company pays out per year as a dividend against the share price. A company’s dividend yield is … Read more