Smart Finance Page – Book Launch

Smart Finance Page – Book Launch

My friend over on Instagram – Smart Finance Page has just launched his first mini e-book.

Something I have been pondering over myself for a while.

I thought why not ask him a few questions and get the low down on the book and what its all about?

We have chatted before on Instagram so I reached out and asked him if he would be up to answering a few questions.

He obliged and promptly sent me back the answers regarding his new book and investing outlook.

Not wanting to take up too much of his time I kept it to just 4 questions that should give us a good idea of what Smart Finance Page represents. All responses are verbatim.

What made you write the book and who is it for?

When I look over social media, read articles and blog pieces I see lots of investing jargon and think back to when I first started investing.

I know that I would have been confused without a basic understanding. 

The reason I wrote this book is to cover almost all the basics, from types of investments (Stocks, Bonds & ETFs). Fees from brokers & things I call hidden fees to investing tips from community members.

The aim was to have a one-stop-shop for people to go to. 

This book is very much aimed for people who are wanting to start investing and possibly want a better understanding. Also for anyone who wishes to read it.

What are your financial goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

For the last month of the year I like to reflect upon the year I have had and what I can try to improve upon for the next year.

One of my first goals is to max out my Lifetime ISA asap and get that 25% bonus from the government. To increase my net worth for retirement, second is to try and invest as much as I can into my stocks and shares ISA to try max out the ISA limit.

I find the best way to achieve anything in life is to set the large goals you want to hit Then break it down into small monthly or weekly goals.

This means I can break it down easier and feel like such goals are more achievable. 

In the last year, I experienced a 22% drop in March which was an amazing experience and I am grateful that I experienced it at a young age and I had a plan in place.

I had cash on hand ready to invest. In the event of a market correction. Because of the cash on hand, I was able to triple the capital invested.

How do you think we can get more everyday people more financially literate?

There are many ways I am trying to achieve this. Over the next year and further.

One of the ways I am trying to achieve this is that I am now supporting personally and through a charity called Action Tutoring.

This charity helps disadvantaged children in schools. By giving them 1 to 1 tutoring of maths and English. I personally think this is a brilliant first step by helping children at the beginning of their life.

Action Tutoring has helped 2526 pupils with maths and English by engaging in 1-1 tutoring.

When I first started this page I wanted to start creating a real difference in the world. Now that I am actively helping children get a real education and helping people investing and building wealth.

I believe I have found my calling.

Personally, I would like to grow the charity side and in the future, I can progress into helping teens understand finances.

I have a major project which I have been working on for the last few months. Hoping to make it live in the first half of the new year. I am hoping that this new project will be a changing point for the page.

Shameful I cannot go into more details but will hopefully be able to announce soon into the new year.

The new book is another way I am trying to get the word out there for everyday people to become more financially literate.

I hope this book on how to start investing will be recommended to people looking to invest and help them start their journey.

What do you hope people will take away from the book and what plans do you have to write more?

I hope people take away the feeling of confidence in starting their investment journey from the book.

The investing world can seem so difficult and complicated but when broken down it can be incredibly simple.

In the book, I try to break it all down. So that the reader is able to have a good understanding and will feel confident when choosing their brokerage of choice and investment type. 

In the book, I am a strong advocate for index investing. Especially for new investors due to them being so diverse in the market and as a result, you only have to track one investment.

I have had lots of good feedback with the book. How it is laid out simply and explained well. This has given me confidence that I do want to expand further and create more books, which can go into more detail about other areas when it comes to investing and finances.

One of my personal goals is to improve my writing skills and help spread the knowledge of building wealth to us normal people. To help all of us become more financially stable.

I wanted this book to really appeal to new investors so I priced it so everyone can afford it.

Use discount code usefulrandom for 20% off.

Smart Finance E-Book


First of all, I would like to say thanks for answering my questions!

I read the book just this afternoon, it has lots of excellent information for new investors.

Its only 30 pages long so can be read easily in one session and then referred back to as when.

Since getting serious with this website, a book was definitely something that had crossed my mind. Certainly, towards the end of next year, I shall start putting more serious thought into it for sure.

As always,


Sean C

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