Q1 2020 Dividend Investing

Q1 2020 Dividend

So, what a crazy ride it has been for my Q1 2020 Dividend investing journey. Filled with highs and LOWs it has certainly been a roller coaster that’s for sure.

Starting strong at the peak of a bull market in early January and ending it what appears to be a bear market now.

Although this is largely down the “You know what”. Certainly, it will be very interesting to see what happens when we come through this. While the market is down it presents great buying opportunities and some real value dividend stocks.

For Q1 2020 Dividend I have received a total of £19.84 in dividends from my Trading 212.

January – £0.81 Total

  • Realty Income – O – £.0.59
  • Cisco – CSCO – £0.22

February – £4.35

  • Realty Income – O – £1.53
  • AT&T – T – £0.67
  • Abbvie – ABBV – £1.53
  • AGNC Investment – AGNC – £0.42
  • Prospect Capital – PSEC – £0.20

March – £14.68

  • Realty Income – O – £1.63
  • Pepsi Co – PEP – £2.63
  • Ford – F – £0.78
  • AGNC Investment – AGNC – £0.76
  • Prospect Capital – PSEC – £0.44
  • Boeing – BA – £0.20
  • Pfizer – PFE – £1.57
  • Johnson & Johnson – JNJ – £3.17
  • Mcdonalds – MCD – £2.21
  • iShares FTSE250 – MIDD – £0.36
  • Unilever – ULVR – £0.60
  • BP – BP – £0.33

As you can see in just three short months the progression has been fantastic.

April is looking like a fair few dividends will also be paid, hopefully nearing or beating my March payout.

UsefulRandom Investing

See how I am tracking my portfolio with the help of Google Sheets. Also, I show you my entire dividend portfolio in the video, with a couple of growth stocks as well.

Although the market is down, I am very happy with how far I have come in just three months.

By the end of next quarter, I should be reaching my expected average of around £30 or $37 a month in dividends. Hopefully more.

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Truly it has suprised me what a little effort can acheive.

Getting closer to my goal of £200 a month in Passive Income in just three months has given me the motivation to continue with YouTube and my Blog.

Year to date aka Q1 I have made £203. Working out to an average of £67 a month or 33% of my initial goal!!

I am blown away, to be honest, I shall be making another post on where the other money came from so fear not. Can we break £100 a month on average by the end of Q2? Why not! After seeing how far we have come since January I see no reason at all why I should not hit £100 monthly.

Trading 212 Dividends are a great way to start building that income stream.

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None of the above should be used a financial advise, I am not a professional. Always do your own research.



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  1. Hi Sean,

    Just came across your blog, which I have to say is awesome.
    Really useful information and videos posted, thanks.

    I’m new to trading and have just signed up to Trading212.
    Now, I just need to start investing and building up my portfolio.

    Your spreadsheet looks really well constructed and seems like a really great way of managing the portfolio and dividend payouts.
    Is there any chance I can get a copy of the Google sheet and customise it so that it works for me?
    This would be really useful.

    Keep up the great work mate.
    P.S I’m now also following you on Instragram.


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