Passive Income Report May 2021

Passive Income Report May 2021

As if we are half way through the year already.

I never got around to do doing a report for April, so I will just tell you the total for April then give a full breakdown for May 2021.

April I pulled in £509.77 from all my side and passive income sources. All of that was of course reinvested. Another cracking month I must say!

I decided to slow down a little and take my foot off the gas with Matched Betting as the football season was coming to end anyway. However, it did not affect my income as I got very lucky with some of the offers I did do.

Here is my full breakdown for passive and side income for May 20201.

  • Dividends – £113.92 (I also broke £100 in April, so that’s two months in a row!)
  • Free Shares – £13.14 (Freetrade and Stake)
  • Ad Revenue – £18.93
  • Marcus Savings – £1.87
  • OddsMonkey Commissions/Misc – £22.57
  • Crypto Interest – £70
  • Matched Betting with OddsMonkey£244.97
  • Mining with NiceHash£108.20

Giving me a total of £593.60 in passive and side income. Yet again an amount I never really though possible.

As always all reinvested.

Detailed Breakdown of Earnings

The sudden jump in dividends is due to Rio Tinto last month and Legal & General this month both paying out handsomely.

Having two months in a row with over £100 in dividends was awesome, although my monthly average is currently sitting at £68 with June set to be falling closer in line with that average.

A couple of free shares trickled in so that was nice to see, still, no word on when Trading 212 will open the floodgates as of yet.

I am also now pulling in about £120 per month (as in this month) of interest from staking some of my crypto assets.

The majority coming from staking CAKE on Pancake Swap. Note I am aware this is a very high-risk investment but the rewards are also very high. I am getting around a 125% APY on Pancake Swap.

Just writing that APY figure down seem totally insane when in the investing world a 6% dividend is considered high.

I do not reccomend you follow suit at all. These kind of returns are obviously very risky!

However, the compounding is insane and happens in front of my eyes in real-time, it is very nice to watch.

These kind of returns are actually fairly normal in the crypto space and PancakeSwap currently has $8.1 billion in total locked value TLV. Although it carries risk no doubt.

For me, with my mining profits and other crypto profit, it is nearly all “house money” anyway – besides I can handle a little risk when the majority of the portfolio is “safe, dividend stocks”.

As mentioned I backed off on the Matched Betting but still pulled in £244.97 thanks mostly to a lot of luck on some of the casino offers. All tax-free as always and reinvested.

Nicehash mining profits went through the roof most of the month before coming back down to Earth when bitcoin took a huge dip.

Next month is looking like it will be about half of Mays earning at the most! Still, nothing to scoff at, it is 100% passive after all.

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