Passive Income Report June 2020 Over £200

Passive Income Report £200+

Well, guys, I have done it. Today I have cracked the £200 mark for the month of June already. However, I still have a few money days earnings but the barrier has been broken. I could not wait to write a post about it.

As soon as I can I shall update with the complete figures when all my income sources are complete for the month. Just £50 away from my initial long term goal of £250 I have managed it in just 6 months!

Passive Income June 2020 – £226.72

So, here is a breakdown of how I broke the £200 mark for June 2020 in passive income. Total of £226.72 final total

UPDATE – Final total £226.72 for June 2020 in passive income

  • Dividends – £43.66
  • Referral links – £133.64
  • Blog Ad Revenue – £34.88
  • Reward net (my bank) – £2
  • Dividend Tracking Spreadsheet – £12.03
  • Marcus Interest – £0.51

I still have a few more dividends to come as well – Pepsi CO and my 3 Exchange-Traded Funds in the form of Vanguards VUSA, VUKE and VHYL. They are normally late payers so I do not expect to get those payments until early July.

They will be added to the income report for June as that’s the actual payout date for them.

Also, there are a few more days left for ad revenue to accumulate. Hopefully, I inspire a few more people to start investing as well and they sign up using my link.

Once the June report has been finalised I shall absolutely be doing a Q2 2020 Passive Income Report.

Already far surpassing what I thought was possible in such a small time frame. Thank you to all who have helped me thus far.

How To Increase Passive Income

Now, of course, is how to increase my passive income each month. Getting a lot more traffic to the blog would be one way. I know that will take more time or a bit of luck getting some love from a bigger blog.

More traffic equals more sign-ups, ad revenue and more people buying my Dividend Tracking Spreadsheet.

Another option is to get a higher conversion rate on sign-ups, affiliate links and my spreadsheet. All get a good click-through rate but the conversion is currently a little low.

Never having been a salesman in my life, writing good copy is pretty hard without experience.

Once the ad revenue payment hits my plan is to reinvest it. Not into stocks, but into hiring someone to re-write my spreadsheet page to hopefully bring in higher conversions.

Creating A Second Blog

Furthermore, my web hosting has been upgraded as my hosting provider One changed all their plans. I now have the ability to have 5 websites on the server. They provide a great service and are very helpful when I have asked a few questions to them.

Guess what, another blog is already is up. Just 2 posts are on that blog at the minute. I will likely keep it totally separate for now at least. I may reveal it once I have built it up more.

Putting what I have learned so far from this blog into action on a new blog, I should be able to see traffic much faster. My aim is to start getting organic traffic after one month.

Think about it, if I can replicate even just to the same level I have here. That would be a great boost to my passive income. Whilst it will initially be a lot more work, once the blog is all setup up and established. Then I just need to be adding value and content each week.


So there we have it guys my first month over £200. My plans for growing this amount each month and into the future. How long until we crack my initial goal of £250? Then what £500 a month?

£500 a month would be pretty life-changing for me to be honest. That is obviously a pipe dream at the moment, but absolutely it is possible.

All of the income sources need to build to achieve this, having a second blog should help immensely with this.

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  1. Congrats on hitting your £200 goal! You must be so chuffed with that – it’s not taken you long at all, so well done!

    Is your second blog finance related too?

    • Yes, it is, I think it will be a little less focused though. We will have to see. Thank you, yeah really pleased! I don’t think I will be catching you up for a while though!


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