Passive Income Report July 2020

Passive Income Report July 2020

Wow, that was a quick 6 months and a very turbulent one at that. Let us see how we did for the month with my passive income report for July 2020.

Another good month, nowhere near the dizzy heights of June 2020 though.

Total passive income of £101.02. Very happy to crack the £100 barrier again.

I am still amazed and inspired by this amount. If you had of told me this time last year I would be making over £100 a month almost entirely passively I would of either laughed or said sign me up.

Here is the breakdown of how that passive income was earned.

My lowest month for a while but I am still extremely pleased, obviously.

Blog traffic was ever so slightly down for the first time, rather than be discouraged though It just means I need to put out more content!

Being back at work full time and busier than ever at work makes it a little challenging mind.

Whoever got anywhere by taking things easy though?

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Trading 212 Dividend Portfolio

So, how is the overall dividend portfolio looking at the moment?

Currently, the dividend portfolio is sitting at £12,560, payday is next week so that should be closer to £13,000 pretty soon all being well.

It is growing nicely despite the uncertainty in the markets. As always any and all passive income, be that from dividends or elsewhere is all being reinvested back into the portfolio.

Also, every month a minimum of £330 from my salary is going into the Trading 212 ISA as well. More where I can is added on top of this.

In essence then roughly £430 went into the ISA in July.

August is well underway, another pretty quiet month for dividends. AT&T has already paid me £11.60 allowing me to reinvest and purchase an additional 0.5 shares of AT&T.

Hopefully, by the next dividend payment from AT&T, the dividend will allow me to grab a full share or at least very close.

Soon enough this will be the case, this is when the compounding effect really starts to work.

Almost becoming self-perpetuating. Once each position is dripping full shares the snowball will begin to roll much faster for sure.

Seriously, I can not wait for the moment my dividends overtake my deposits, a long way off for now but that will be amazing when it becomes reality.

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