Passive Income Report February 2021

Passive and Side Income for Februrary 2021

A little delayed with this one, you know how it is. Real life gets in the way etc.

After that mammoth start to the year with January’s income report, we have come back down to earth a little.

I say that in comparison to January alone though.

With many of the brokers halting new sign ups the free shares are obviously down significantly!

Anyway here is the full breakdown.

That 7 passive and side income sources total £602.87

That is still absolutely amazing. Since all the issues with GameStop and people not being able to create new accounts etc I have seen a significant drop in traffic.

Obviously, January was a bit of a fluke but traffic has dropped to levels not seen in a while hence the ad revenue has also suffered.

What does this mean? It means I really need to up my game and start creating more content and blog posts. At least one a week I think I need.

Going forward, I will try to put out at least one new post per week or at most one every two weeks.

Hopefully then I will be able to increase traffic once again.

Again, any of the above income sources could go away tomorrow. Having multiple income sources protects against this to a degree.

As always all dividends have been reinvested. The Bitcoin generated form mining with Nicehash is being held long term. A really good month for mining. That brings me to £230 in total since the start of January. 100% passive income.

I will be getting a hardware wallet soon to store my crypto safely.

A new post coming shortly on my total portfolio and how close I am or how far I am from my goal of £240,000.

Another new Passive Income Source

This one is a long play.

I have created a Storj node on PC as it is always on and always mining Ethereum with Nicehash anyway.

Think of Storj as a decentralised Dropbox. I get paid for renting out my Hard Drive space to other users. It is all fully encrypted and only the end-user has the “key” to unlock their files. Not even Storj has access, that’s the whole point.

It will take a few months to see any profit though as you have to build trust so they know you won’t just quit after a couple of weeks.

I have 1TB of free space. It should pay me about $15-20 per month. That will be pure profit since the PC is always on anyway. They actually pay in Storj coin (crypto asset), which can then be converted to Bitcoin and then to your local fiat currency if you choose.

I shall likely just hold the coin. I see potential in it to gain over the next few years.

Once it has been running long enough to start seeing profits I shall make a dedicated post!


As always,



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