Passive Income Plus Trading 212 Waiting List & My Dividend Increase

Trading 212 Waiting List


Yeah, the wallstreetbets gang caused a bit of stir didn’t they!

If you have been put on the waiting list for Trading 212 fear not.

Even now in the aftermath Trading 212 are upgrading their infrastructure and have put a waiting list in place for new sign-ups. Not to worry, you will still get your free share when you sign up even if you are put on the waiting list just deposit £1 when your account opens.

Not only this. Today they announced a £100,$100 or 100 euro minimum order as a temporary measure to limit the volume of orders.

Hopefully, once the upgrades are complete and the heat dies down, normality will resume.

It must be frustrating for new investors and Trading 212 themselves to of had to create a waiting list for new sign-ups though. Do not be put off by this, the waiting list will be temporary, investing for life.

I can not really complain. Due to the massive influx of new investors looking to make a quick buck I had an absolutely fantastic start to the year for my passive income.

Just this week, I made some big changes to my site as well. All in the name of speed. It should look pretty similar put should run and load faster by some margin.

Anyway, enough rambling, how did I get on in January 2020 for my passive income and side income?

January 2020 Passive Income

January 2020 turned out to be another fantastic month and my best yet. Largely due to Gamestop and the media frenzy surrounding it. I’m breaking this one down into passive and side and then the total.

Here we go.

Trust me I was utterly shocked. I could not believe it. This is just passive income, the total was a staggering £1,150.22

If it wasn’t for the brokerages having to suspend trading on and off. For sure it would have been even higher. On a single day, I made £215 in pure passive income while I was at work in my day job.

That is far in excess of what I earn in my day job. Especially in a normal 8 hour day with no overtime (even with overtime!)

There are 8 sources or streams of passive income there. Arguably most are tied to my website but still. That was not all though. I still have my side income to come.

Dividend Increase 2020 vs 2021

Dividend Increase

  • January 2020 Dividends – £0.81
  • January 2021 Dividends – £38.96

Fantastic growth for sure. The real test will be comparing December vs December as I at least had a year to build up to December 2020. Starting from nothing in January the increase was always going to be huge.

January 2020 Side Income With OddsMonkey

Another £465.42 was made in tax-free profit with the aid of OddsMonkey. You can trial OddsMonkey for 7 days if you are still not convinced.

Seriously, I know I keep saying it. I am so grateful though.

Total passive and side income for January 2020 came to an eye watering £1,615.64

That is a full-time income for a lot of us! It is also basically at the ISA limit if you divide the current £20,000 allowance by 12 months you get £1,666.

If I could maintain this and max my ISA every month I could be financially free by 39 or thereabouts, or just quit my day job and work remotely with a few websites to diversify so additional passive income.

Do not get me wrong. I am not naive enough to think I can achieve this every month. However, it has shown me that with a certain amount of traffic I know what to expect.

As expected visits have declined back to around normal levels already after the huge surge in January.

I have also diversified a little more into crypto seeing as I am generating £70-£100 per month just from leaving my computer on with NiceHash.

Algorand is my Alt-coin of choice after the obvious BitCoin and Ethereum. Algorand has jumped a massive 113% in a month. My Algo is being held on the official wallet. It pays around 7% just for holding it and compounds daily.

My crypto positions are around 5% of my portfolio. It is risky for sure. I shall be wary of going much higher than 5% allocation. Algorand is a long term play and I plan on holding for the foreseeable future.

As always,


Sean C

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