Passive Income – Plus Side Income November 2020

£250 + Passive Income

As you may know, I had a personal target of £250 in passive income to hit in a month.

Last month I made a post about my October Passive and Side Income where I made over £1000 and took my yearly average to well over my target.

Well, guess what happened in November.

I made a staggering £446.72 in pure PASSIVE income.

To say I am dumbfounded would be an understatement.

Seriously, I was almost ready to pinch myself.

Here is a breakdown of the Passive Income for November 2020. Please note, this is just the Passive. We have more to come shortly if we include the Side Income from Matched Betting with Odds Monkey.

Amazed, grateful and humbled does not even to come close to how I feel about it. I know I say it every month but come on…

I saw roughly double the number of visitors to my site in November. This resulted in the explosive growth for Trading 212 free share referrals and in blog ad revenue.

Coinciding with my best ever month of dividends received it was a real surprise to me but a nice one as I’m sure you can imagine.

You can track your dividends here with a copy of my dividend tracking spreadsheet here.

One year into the site and I know now that I made a great decision in just going for it and starting the site. What about side income though?

Whilst normally I combine both my passive and side income reports, I made the exception here as I blew past my £250 passive income target without including my side income or side hustle money.

November 2020 Side Income or Side Hustle Money from Matched Betting

Seriously, if you are not Matched Betting with Odds Monkey yet, what are you doing?

November 2020 saw a 2-week break for my side hustle as there was a 2-week football break.

Although, I still managed to make £325.37 in tax free profit.

Using Odds Monkey to make it easy. Just an hour or so per day roughly.

Combine the passive income and side income for November 2020 and we hit £772.09 for the month.

Still, a few months into Matched Betting I am shocked at what is possible.

Boosting my income substantially, risk-free and tax-free is just remarkable.

Long term I will aim for around £300 per month but whatever will be, will be. I still have many offers to complete but am taking my foot off the gas a little so to speak.

Finally, as soon as we see 2020 out I shall do a full recap on all passive income with a full breakdown including Matched Betting income etc.

For now, I’m keeping my 2020 total thus far, along with 2020 target to my self. All I shall say is, I’m on target to crack my 2020 total income target by the end of the month all being well.

Grab your free shares and other offer here.

As always, stay safe,


Sean C

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