Over £1,000 Side Income Per Month

Over £1,000 Side Income Per Month

Another month has flown by in our ever changing world.

October 2020 has been my biggest month yet for passive and side income. Helped in part to me having to work from home for 2 weeks.

Being at home meant I had more time to do more OddsMonkey offers.

My total for October was a massive £1,030.81

Yet again, mind blown.

Here is the total breakdown of my income.

Seriously, if you have not signed up to OddsMonkey yet, what are you waiting for?

After cracking the £250 a month average target I set myself at the start of the year. Blasting past £1,000 per month was truly a long term goal – I’m talking 5-10 years not 10 months!

I will not get anywhere this for November. I will not have as much time on my hands. I have a few things to do this month so will not be able to “hustle” as hard.

Already I can see that the target I set last month for £3,000 total side and passive income should be achieved.

I’m still hopeful that I can break the £50 per month average in dividend income as well. Not only this EPM rates for the blog seem to be picking up!

New Investing Account STAKE

Just this week, I opened a new brokerage account also. STAKE – A US-based brokerage that also offers free trading and free shares just for signing up.

I bagged myself a free share of GoPro and it shot up 15% today! Can not complain at that.

Sign up and grab a free share yourself – just enter SEANC745 when signing up. You do need to deposit £50 minimum to start with but its free money at the end of the day.

GoPro, Dropbox and Nike are the shares they list as being given so its worth it even if you just grab the free share.

Dropbox floats around $20, GoPro $8 and Nike $130. I’m not sure if they do have other free shares but those are the 3 they list currently.

I like the idea of having a few brokerages anyway to separate things if I so choose and to spread the highly unlikely risk of a brokerage having any technical or financial issues.

Not to worry, a dedicated post on STAKE is on the horizon.

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