Orient Mako 2 Review

Orient Mako 2 – Initial thoughts

So here we have my thoughts on the Orient Mako 2/Ray 2 by the not so well known Orient. A Japanese company owned by Seiko. Orient sells watches to the public via a few channels. Orient USA and Orient both offer similar watches, Orient USA tends to be higher specced though.

My Mako 2 is the Japanese variant that does not feature a sapphire crystal. I have also upgraded the bracelet to the top quality MilTat. I highly recommend you do too, the quality is greatly improved over the stock bracelet. Solid end links and higher quality finishing is present. Giving a much nicer overall look.


How is the movement in the Orient Mako 2? Well, it is rock solid reliable, it will not match the swiss precision found in my Tudor North Flag though. Would you really expect it too either as it is roughly 20x more expensive. Expect around +/- 20 seconds a day roughly. It features the Orient caliber F6922 in-house Japanese automatic movement, although I believe they are actually built in China these days just designed in Japan. With a 40-hour power reserve and 21,600 beats an hour it is well rounded and robust. A day-date complication is included to boot. Something not normally seen at this price point is hackable seconds – a function included in the F6922 making it very attractive indeed.

Bezel and Hands

Maybe my least favorite part of the Mako 2 is the bezel, I am a bit put off by the indents around the outside. This stops you from popping the bezel out and replacing it easily. Luckily Seiko 007 bezels pop on and give a cleaner look namely the Rolex Submariner style bezels look perfect. The hands look clean, elegant and suit the watch well. A pop of color on the second’s hands just to give it a little va va voom.

Orient Mako 2 rear

Bold engraving on the rear of the Mako 2 is a nice touch and adds to its charm. With the Miltat bracelet on the watch, I have been asked a few times if it is a Rolex. Those in the know will not mistake it for being a Rolex no doubt, but those truly in the know will respect it for it is.

What is it? A very good quality automatic watch that will not break the bank. Here is an Amazon link to pick one up today. Orient truly does represent value for money while giving customers more than expected at this price point.

Strangely the Mako 2 also goes by the name Orient Ray 2. Although from what I can gather they are the same watch. Mine is around 12 months old and is still solid, with no damage to bezel or crystal despite it not being sapphire. Sapphire upgrades are an option via third-party sellers. Upon buying the watch my plan was to upgrade bezel and crystal once they got damaged. Well, 12 months on no damage has occurred. Tough and durable as well as being very well priced. I challenge you to not fall in the love the Orient Mako 2

Dimensions Mako 2

With a 41.5mm Diameter, it is a good size for most wrists, not too big, not too small. A Goldylox size if you will. 13mm thick and 46mm lug to lug it has good all-round proportions. Finally, with a 22m lug width, aftermarket leather straps are a breeze to fit. For my own watch, blue leather with orange stitching was purchased and looks decent if I do say so myself. Packing in 200m water resistance is a bonus, although I wouldn’t trust more than a few meters personally.


Sean C

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