Mutrah Souq – Muscat, Oman

Mutrah Souq Muscat

Well, I had a short trip to Oman. Only a few days were spent in the capital Muscat. After a bit of googling it seemed that one of the best places to visit was Mutrah Souq. It is essentially an oldy world Arabian market offering warez of many different kinds. Mutrah Souqs unassuming entrance is pictured below.

Mutrah Souq

Around 30m into the market from the main entrance you are greeted with what I would call the main center of the market. Initially, I sat here for a while taking it all in the strange sights, smells and sounds. Mostly burning frankincense fills the air with lots of awestruck tourists trying to take it all in.

I proceeded to walk further into the market and quickly found my way back outside. Somewhat disappointed until I then walked back in from a rear alleyway. I quickly found myself pretty ‘lost’ with many narrow and interlaced alleys and pathways crisscrossing each other.

With an abundance of gold and jewelry shops and many of the sellers attempting to sell me a replica swiss watch notably a Rolex. Even though I was wearing my Tudor North Flag at the time. Click the link to see my thoughts on the watch. I will say though the sellers are not too pushy and don’t bother you as much as some places I have been.

Mutrah Souq Opening Hours

Mutrah Souq Opening Hours are as follows at the time of writing, always best to double check if making the journey at a later date.

Saturday8am–1:30pm, 4–10pm
Sunday8am–1:30pm, 4–10pm
Monday8am–1:30pm, 4–10pm
Tuesday8am–1pm, 4–10pm
Wednesday8am–1pm, 4–10pm
Thursday8am–1pm, 4–10pm
Friday8am–12pm, 4–10pm

Mutrah Souq Parking

Mutrah Souq Parking is fairly limited, best to get a taxi really as they are cheap enough. If you must drive then a couple of local car parks are nearby, or better yet just park a 5minute walk in one of the side streets and take a gentle stroll to the market.

Mutrah Souq alleyway

Mutrah Souq worth a visit?

Absolutely worth a visit Mutrah Souq will awaken your sense and give you a glimpse of the old world of Arabia. While in the market I picked up a Frankincense burner kit £4 and some all-natural men’s fragrance (perfume). Both items were very cheap around £4.

It was a decent size bottle that would last months and it smelt amazing! I’m into fragrance and have smelt and or own some very expensive niche ones. So when I say it’s good, trust me. I actually picked up a bottle of Amouage Jubilation XXV while here as Amouage is actually from Oman.

Just outside the market is Mutrah Corniche. When the market is in its off-hours or you just fancy a stroll it’s delightful to walk along the coastline for a while and admire the ships in the harbor. If you are lucky the Sultans ship might be docked for you to admire.

Mutrah Corniche

A flying visit for sure. Muscat had much more to offer, I managed to squeeze in a few other locations whilst here. Another post will be on the horizon at some point. For now though…