Matched Betting 9 Months In With OddsMonkey

Matched Betting 9 Months In With OddsMonkey

So, I have been matched betting now for 9 months with OddsMonkey.

The results have been nothing short of amazing, to be honest. I was extremely hesitant at first until I learnt the process and realised it is NOT betting.

I must thank Weenie from Quietly Saving once again. It was reading her blog that I first learnt about Matched Betting with OddsMonkey.

OddsMonkey makes Matched Betting easy, to be honest. They even have a forum to ask questions and get help that is extremely active.

OddsMonkey Signup Offers

This is where the quick and easy money is.

A typical offer might be bet £10 get £30 in free bets.

With an offer like that you would get around £25 in tax free profit.

Just doing the sign up offers will net you around £2000 profit.

Sign up now to start profiting – There is even a free trial!

After that, it is £20 per month or £150 for the year. I initially paid £20 for the first couple of months. Once I saw how profitable it was I signed up for the year.

After all, the entire year’s payment will be more than covered after your first month as you can see from my monthly breakdowns below.

OddMonkey Profit Breakdown So Far

Here is my breakdown of my Matched Betting with OddsMonkey profits so far.

Remeber all of this is Tax Free!

  • August 2020 – £377.41
  • September – £433.17
  • October – £877.91
  • November – £325.37
  • December – £291.46
  • January 2021 – £323.75
  • February – £232.32
  • March – £206.82
  • April (so far) – £180.89

I hope you would agree these numbers are nothing to sniff at.

Personally, I have completed most of the easy sign up offers now. It is a little harder but I am still able to bring in decent tax-free profits every month. Even my worst month of March is still £56 more than OddsMonkey costs for the entire year.

Just to add, I am still only doing the easy offers. Those who want to get serious with it can always start doing 2UP offers and extra place horse races etc.

All I do is the quick and easy offers on the daily offer calender inside the OddsMonkey platform.

Recently, I have been asked a few times if it is still profitable once the sign-up offers are complete. The numbers above should answer the question and put any concerns to bed.

With Matched Betting, the more you put in the more get out!

I do around 30mins per day on average now I would say. More like 1 hour per day once I first started.

Ensure you signup for all the emails when creating your new account. Many people create a new email just to use with matched betting.

Some of the best offers come via email and are sometimes invite only.

Matched Betting Tips

Here is a couple of tips I would give to someone just starting out.

  • Take your time – Double check and read the offer inside OddsMonkey carefully
  • Stick to Football betting and larger events
  • Use a spreadsheet (Google Sheets) to track your incomes/outflows
  • Use a second bank account rather than your main bank (I use Monzo)
  • Do one offer at a time to start with until you are comfortable
  • Set alarms on your phone for the Inplay offers so you do not forget and miss out on placing a free bet.
  • Check emails daily for invite-only offers

Fear not. Once you have done the first couple of sign up offers and used my tips above then you will see how simple it is to do, and more importantly how lucrative it is!

Sign up now to start profiting – There is even a free trial!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questrions or concerns.

As always,



4 thoughts on “Matched Betting 9 Months In With OddsMonkey”

  1. Cheers for the shout out and great to see that you are still making decent profits from matched betting.

    I’ve now been doing MB for 5 years and have just lost (been gubbed) my final ‘big’ account, so MB will be even slimmer pickings for me. However, I will continue with it until it’s no longer profitable (in the time I allocate to this side hustle/hobby).

    Hope your luck continues!

    • No worries. You have done extremely well to last that long I think unless you were only doing like the odd offer here and there or something. I have lost a few of the best accounts already but still plodding along haha. Ive just cleared £200 for April but I would be amazed if I could get near that in May. Especially with the football finishing, might give a breather for a while. Do you bother in the off season with other sports or just give it a break?

      • Sorry if this is a duplicate comment but am having problems posting.

        I do horse racing in the off season but there should still be football as the postponed Euros will be taking place late summer.


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