Make A Will – Protect Your Investments

Make A Will – Protect Your Investments.

Most of us do not give it a seconds thought. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it happens to the best of us. We all die. Thats does not mean we should just ignore it though.

How would you feel is your investment, assets, cash and belongings were handed out randomly to your nearest and dearest causing arguments and disagreements about what YOU would of wanted.

Likely you wouldnt feel anything as you would be no longer with us.

So, let’s do something about it now. Nobody knows when it is coming so your age should not even factor into this decision. Get a will written online today.

Making A Will With Kwil

Kwil – The simplest way to write your will.

From a fixed price of just £90, you can write a will that will be checked by one of their legal experts in as little as 20 minutes. Sign up now with Kwil.

Writing a will is something we all know we should do but just never seem to get around to doing… However, there are certain triggers that might make the need more pressing. Not just your age.

The following are life events that should seriously make you consider writing your will with Kwil.

Family planning – Whether you are starting a family or welcoming a new addition to the family it’s important you make a new will and take control of how they will be looked after when you are no longer around. Ensuring your children get exactly what you want them to have.

Other key life stage triggers – Getting married, divorced, buying or selling a home all create a real need for writing a will to ensure that a person’s estate ends up in the right hands.

Financial Planning – From just £90 you can not only have the peace of mind that your family are looked after when you are no longer around but also avoid the additional complication and cost of having to use a solicitor.

Health & Fitness – Healthy body, healthy mind… Knowing you have a legally binding will in place reduces stress and allows you to focus on living without the worry of what happens when you’re gone.

Charities – If you have an affinity with a certain charity then Kwil can make it easier to leave a legacy donation as part of your will.

Animal lovers – If you own a pet then you want to make sure they are looked after when you’re gone, their service makes sure that your pets will be protected. Let’s be honest, we all can get behind this one. I love my dog.

Travel – Whether we admit it or not there is nothing like getting on a plane to make you think of your own mortality. Writing a will with Kwil can give you the peace of mind to enjoy your trip without any unnecessary worry.

Sign up now with Kwil, it really is easy to do…

Is It Easy To Make A Will

From a fixed price of just £90 you can write a will, that will be checked by the Kwil legal experts, in as little as 20 minutes. Yes, it is easy to make a will.

  • It’s quick – It will take as little as 20 minutes.
  • It’s easy – Their intuitive online service gives you everything you need to write your legally binding will without having to use a solicitor.
  • It’s great value – Not only will you save time using Kwil, but you will also save lots of money by not having to use a solicitor.
  • It’s secure – Your data is in safe hands… See our site for further information on our commitment to security.
  • Every will is checked by our legal experts
  • We have an inbound telesales team to help if you have any problems writing your will.
  • You can make as many changes as you like, whenever you like.

Do It Today For Their Tommorow

It does not have to be all doom and gloom. Get it sorted today for their tommorow. Once it’s done, it’s out the way.

Ensure your worldly goods go exactly where you want them to go and nowhere else.

Sign up now with Kwil, once it done its done.

£90 for just you or £120 for you and your partner.

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