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The Heat oh my, the heat! Las Vegas USA Travel Blog.

It was 42 Celsius or 109 Fahrenheit in the day and 38c (100f) at night. I was always told deserts are cold at night, well not the concrete heavy Las Vegas Nevada USA.

If you decide to make the trip and I think you should. Please make sure you have a decent TRAVEL ADAPTOR like this one and also the essential TRAVEL TOWEL.

Arriving midday on a Greyhound from Los Angeles, the heat was apparent straight away. As I had read you do not sweat, thank the lord and the humidity is so low it evaporates immediately. So friends you really do need to drink up while here. I mean at least some water but we are obviously going to indulge in other beverages!

3 of us stopped in the Hard Rock Hotel just a short walk off the main strip. Our room was enormous and reasonably priced at around $30 each per night plus a small resort fee at the end.

For getting around the strip especially if you are here on the hotter months then the Monorail is strongly advised. See here for up to date prices

Other travelers in our Hostel from Los Angeles had told us it was possible to get free drinks in Vegas casinos while playing the penny slots. Just tipping the waitress a $1 or $2 bill each time. Whilst not completely free we had to try it for ourselves. After finding the penny slots we put the theory to the test, within minutes the waitress came over and we ordered some beers. In hindsight, we should have ordered cocktails or something to get more alcohol for the $2 tip we each gave. She was round very quickly each time we ordered more beers! So yes you can get virtually free drinks in vegas.

How about Hotels?

Walking around each hotel has its own style and design my personal favorite would have to be the Venetian Hotel, it even has Gondolas – they also sing as well for that authentic Venetian feel as if you were in Italy.

Venetian Gondola Las Vegas USA

They even have a false sky as seen in the image above. With many restaurants and shops inside along with a casino if you hadn’t guessed.

Nearly every hotel in Las Vegas offers something unique. So really it depends on your budget and or needs. Just pick a random one if you ask me, you won’t be in your room much anyway.

Our big night out in Vegas ended up with us in a rather suspect Gentlemens bar. How we got to the bar was obviously a free limo because who gets taxis? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Venetian Las Vegas USA

Las Vegas USA Travel is more than just the Las Vegas Strip though, in an upcoming post I will tell you all about the world-famous Grand Canyon where day trips are offered all over the strip along with the Hoover Dam.

Finally, you have Old Vegas in the form of Fremont Street. I enjoyed it more in this part of Vegas as it is much smaller and easier to get around! I will be doing a blog post on Fremont street soon enough so don’t worry.