Income Report September 2020 with Total Income YTD

Income Report September 2020

There we have it another month and a half. This year is really turning out to be a strange one.

Already we are halfway through October!

Worse still, I am having to self isolate, I got a notification on my NHS Covid-19 app. As of yesterday, I am luckily able to handle some work from home so am still getting paid for my 14-day stint in solitary confinement.

Enough of that, how does our income report/passive/side hustle look for September? It breaks down as follows.

Total ‘side’ income was £632.31 and yet again I’m totally gobsmacked.

Firstly, I stress the ‘side’ income rather than passive income as a good chunk of that income came from Matched Betting with OddsMonkey.

The full breakdown was as follows.

Let’s break that down a little.

Matched Betting with Odds Monkey

Matched Betting earned me £433.17 all tax-free profit for the month. Let me know in the comments or email me via the contact form if you need any help setting up for OddsMonkey.

Each and every week I’m shocked at the possibilities with Matched Betting.

While it is not passive, it is pretty fun to do. As with most things the more you put in the more you get out. Personally, I am putting in about 1 hour per day at the moment.

It is all risk-free guaranteed profit as well. Only once you start doing some of the casino offers does some risk come into play.

Those are totally optional though, Matched Betting alone is 100% profit every time.

Dividend Income September 2020

That is my highest month in dividends so far by a fair margin. Previously my highest month was £43.66 in June. So, not only did we smash the £50 barrier we broke into the £60s.

That snowball is really starting to gather some momentum now.

What started off in January with just a few pence has now grown to an average of £45 each and every month.

Totally passively.

While I sleep.

This is based on about £14,000 invested into dividend stocks with a weighted dividend yield of 3.74%.

To calculate this and keep track I use my Dividend Tracking Spreadsheet.

Early on, in one of my first posts, I stated I would be awestruck if I could hit £250 a month.

Well if we include all my side/passive income sources my monthly average for 2020 is currently £221.51 this includes January and February my first two months into this so the income was low by comparison.

What if we exclude January and February?

Wait for it!

March to October (even though we are only halfway through) the average is a whopping £271.69. Incredible. I thought It might take years to get anywhere near this not months.

Most importantly, total side/passive income YTD (Year to Date) is a mind-boggling £2215.47

Trading 212 Free Shares

Also, Trading 212 Referrals are now back! Yes, that’s right, every time one of you guys signs up using my link, we both get a free share worth up to £100. It truly is a win-win.

Thanks to each and every one of that have signed up.

Big thanks to Trading 212 as well!

In short, blog ad revenue has dropped a few pounds but nothing major. I am putting this down to a fall in advertising budgets, it seems to be across the board not just me.

In conclusion, as always, let’s keep marching forward and see how far we can go with this.



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