Huge Portfolio Milestone Hit!

Huge Portfolio Milestone Hit!

This week has been great for my portfolio. I have hit a huge personal milestone, I hit 10% of my target pot size of £240,000.

The markets along with my portfolio have been soaring!

My entire portfolio consisting of my Trading 212 ISA, Stake Investing App, Freetrade and my Crypto Portfolio is now sitting at £24,288 or 10.12% of my target. 

It has taken me roughly 16 months to get here.  I have every hope I can hit my target in 15 years or less, I would then be 47. I think age 45 is my real target now and that’s what I am aiming for.

To be honest I am amazed that I have hit 10% already. I am also acutely aware of how far I have to go still.

Remember though, I am not including my workplace pension in this amount, that is just gravy. I may do it at some point a few years down the road once I can see a bit more clearly. 

I have been meaning to put out more posts but have had a small issue with my website, all resolved for now!



ISA Allowance Reset

If you have not been paying attention, the new financial year has begun and so our ISA allowance has been reset.

For the year 2021/22 once again the allowance is set at £20,000

Somehow I managed to fill my ISA last year, something I am very proud of. The pandemic “helped” in that saving money was much easier.  A good amount was also the money I already had in cash but still.

Will I fill it this year? Will you? Who knows, but I will try, that’s all we can do right?


Dividend Income Average

How about my dividend income? That is looking nice as well. Currently, the dividend side of my portfolio in my Trading 212 ISA is sitting at £21,655.

With a weighted yield of 3.46% giving me £749.79 per year or £62.48 per month on average. 

My goal is to get to £100 per month in dividends average by this time next year. I think it is 100% a stretch goal by why not push myself. 


Additional Monthly Income From Crypto

For 4 month straight months now I have been mining with Nicehash and sending Bitcoin to my Coinbase account. 

On top of this, I have been buying other Crypto assets. 

Between all my cryptos I am earning interest or staking them all.

I have £1,621.33 in my crypto portfolio and it is earning £7.07 per month in addition to any growth or heaven forbid loss. 

Just last week I also invested in a Ledger Nano S as well to store some of the coins offline in “cold storage”. It is a really cool little device, for now, I have sent all my Algorand to it, I still get the same staking rewards as with the official app.

However, technically it is safer on the ledger than it is on an app on my phone.

Also, this week I just finished reading The Bitcoin Standard

If you have any doubts or do not understand what Bitcoin is or could be then you have to read it, it’s very in-depth on the history of the monetary systems but it really has opened my mind to what Bitcoin could truly become. 



Trading 212 Waiting List

Despite the fact  Trading 212 have increased their capacity to handle more customers, they still have not lifted the waiting list. 

You can still join the waiting list and enter code FMA3SCnL under the “use promo code” section to grab yourself and me a free share.

Hopefully, the floodgates open soon and everyone can start their investing journeys!

You could always signup to Freetrade in the meantime just bear in mind their ISA is £3 per month and no PIE investing or auto investing is available at the moment. 







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