Huge Personal Milestone +£250 Average Side Income

Average Side Income 2020

Hi guys!

Just a quick post because I am excited and to hopefully inspire others to start earning some passive and side income.

When I first started on this quest in January 2020. I set my self a target of reaching £250 a month in passive income.

Well if we include both passive income and side income from MB with OddsMonkey then guess what!

As of a couple of days ago. I cracked an average income of £250 year to date.

In fact, I have blown past that at £270.19 average passive and side income.

Basically, during the toughest year at least for most of us, I have earnt more than ever by diversifying my income streams and not relying on just my job to bring money in.

To say I’m proud and pleased all rolled into one is an understatement.

Charted above is my progression from January up until 22nd October. A little under 10 months.

There are still plenty of days left in October as well to try and boost that massive £802.09 even more. Suddenly £1,000 a month seems not just possible but an eventuality at this rate.

Most of the explosive growth seen from August onwards is a result of MB with OddsMonkey. Oddsmonkey makes Matched Betting a doddle.

Trading 212 bringing back free shares for referrals also helped from September.

If I can focus on the blog and bring in more visitors. Naturally, these numbers will increase across the board from my other income sources. Ad revenue is down somewhat due to advertisers having less budget during these times.

Total passive/side income for 2020 is currently sitting at a staggering £2701.94

Next Passive and Side Income Goals

Cracking £3000 before the year is out is my next goal. Along with attempting to hit £50 a month in average dividend income.

At the moment it is sitting around £46-£47. The fluctuation is down to currency variation. I am hopeful I can break the £50 a month mark for dividend income before the year is out.

Where do I see this taking me in 5 years? Honestly, who knows, I would be happy if I can maintain £250 a month but I’m not going to worry too much if I start bringing in significantly more than that!

If the income grows then so does my time, in that I will be able to reach financial independence at an earlier than expected.

As always if you have any questions or want any help, I shall try to help you as much as I can.



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