How To Earn 6% Interest On Bitcoin With BlockFi

How To Earn 6% Interest On Your Bitcoin

If you have Bitcoin just sitting in your wallet then you are missing out.

BlockFi is paying 6% interest accrued daily and paid monthly.

It is as simple as transfering your Bitcoin to you BlockFi account. That is it.

Personally, I have gone ahead and moved all of my Bitcoin from my Coinbase wallet to BlockFi so I can start earning that 6% interest.

There is obviously some risk as always with crypto. They are able to pay interest on your Bitcoin because they loan out crypto to the institutional market.

On top of this, they offer loans in USD using crypto as collateral.

BlockFi have been around since 2017 and are well known and trusted in the crypto community.

Etherium can also be deposited and interest earnt on that, along with a slew of other coins.

You do not have to lock away your money, that’s the beauty. Although, Bitcoin is a long term hold for me anyway.

For added security, I suggest you go ahead and enable 2 Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator on your phone.

Deposit $100 Into BlockFi Get $10 Free

As with most crypto exchanges and investment platforms. BlockFi have a signup offer we can take advantage of to boost our initial deposit!

Who doesn’t like free money?

Sign up with BlockFi using my link and make the deposit to get $10 free Bitcoin and start earning 6% (currently) on your Bitcoin today.

As always this is not financial advise, always do your own research and consider the risk.

Crypto is quickly approaching about 10% of my entire portfolio. From here on out, I will just keep sending my Nicehash profits to BlockFi so my “free money” can start working even harder than Bitcoin already does!

If mining remains profitable I shall either have to start selling some BTC and putting it in my Trading 212 ISA or just build a larger Bitcoin position than I initially thought I would be comfortable with.

To be honest seeing as most of the largest companies and banks are now jumping aboard I see no issue in holding a sizeable Bitcoin position. Alt coins less so!




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