How Long Is The Trading 212 Waiting List?

How Long Is The Trading 212 Waiting List

Seriously, just how long is the Trading 212 waiting list?

Several months have now passed since the whole Gamestop fiasco and Trading 212 being forced to implement a waiting list for new investors wanting to sign up.

Yet we still have no word. Not even a rough estimation.

Are people really expected to have the paitence of a saint to join the platoform?

I am eagerly waiting to let you all know when the wait will be over. As of a few hours ago, Tony V from Trading 212 left a message regarding the waiting list.

“I understand the impatience and the hype – any updates will be promptly listed. Bear with me”


In my humble opinion, this is good news.

Until now there was nothing at all despite many people asking for upates.

So, I figured I would create a dedicated post and pin it to the first page of my site. To keep those who are still waiting for their entry point into financial freedom and waiting for patiently for that free share when depositing just £1 with my link.

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Build your investing knowledge and confidence while you wait for the Trading 212 waiting list to finish with some of the top books I have read.

Making Your Money Work Harder Than You

You may have heard this said before but believe it or not your money can work harder than you do.

Once the Trading 212 waiting list is over and you are able to start investing your money this will happen in time.

Before you know it your portfolio will get to a level that your money is working harder than you do.

From here it is just a matter of time before you hit that 25x expenses for the 4% rule to be totally financially free.

At first it seems impossible but with consistancy and dedication it will happen.

This last few days my portfolio has earnt more than me in my day job!

It will not happen every day and sometimes it will be down remember that. In a few years however my portfolio should be consistently earning more than me on average over the year. That’s the beauty of pound cost averaging and compounding returns in the stock market.

If you are still on the Trading 212 waiting list all I can say is hang in there! It will be worth it in the end.

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2 thoughts on “How Long Is The Trading 212 Waiting List?”

  1. I can’t help but feel that those stuck on the waiting list, waiting all this time for a free share from T212 could have gotten a free share from Freetrade (via someone’s link) and also benefited from the last couple of months’ of investment growth, especially with you saying that your portfolio earned more than your day job!

    • Absolutely. I would not have waited this long! I may have signed up eventually but I would not have just sat on the sidelines all this time. I have had a few emails asking me about the wait that’s why I made a dedicated post for it.

      The number of new customers they must have missed out on must be insane! Hopefully, most people have signed up elsewhere even if just for the time being (assuming they wanted an account with Trading 212).


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