Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Travel blog of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Wow, what a place!

February 2017 was my first time in Asia. I was very excited, two of us flew over and met another two who were already traveling and had been for around 10 months. With a stopover in Dubai at the 7-hour mark from the UK the flight was not that bad.

Luckily we only had a 2 hour stop in Dubai U.A.E. Although as any self-respecting Brit would do, the first thing we did after getting through security was go straight to the bar and have a Pint. To this day we are not sure what happened. Once our beers had been enjoyed we glanced at the time. Time is mysterious and somehow escaped us. So we had but 15mins to make it to the gate. If anyone of you has been to Dubai airport you will know it is large, to say the least. 

You guessed it we missed our connection and the next flight to Ho Chi Minh formerly  Saigon was the next morning. Not to be put off I asked the lady how about a Visa, being British we did not need one!

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

It is tall..
829.8 m (2,722 ft)

Every cloud ‘n all.

Ho Chi Minh City

Onwards to Ho Chi Minh.

Humidity is king here the Weather in Ho Chi Minh City is lovely and warm to very hot, but can also be very humid. Ho Chi Minh airport is just a short taxi ride. However, be sure to get a set price before leaving! Or if you are feeling adventurous get local buses and save some money.

Stunning, Chaotic, Cheap, Diverse and Very tasty food. I had a blast and you all need to go. Over a two week period we moved north all the way to Hanoi, I ate many Bánh mì (famous sandwich) I got a tailored suit for £100 ($125 at the time) and was drinking beer at around £0.50 with the cheapest in Beer Street, Hanoi at about £0.12 for a small. No that is not a typo.

Go there, go now! Hotels are cheap in Ho Chi Minh, but to save even more money we stayed in $5 a night hostels that included breakfast, I mean this is real budget-friendly right? We did stay one night in a hotel in Halong Bay in the north of Vietnam at a cost of $20 for a nice 4-star place. Honestly just stick to the cheap hostels. While traveling is about seeing new places, meeting new people is just as fun.

Ho Chi Minh
ho chi minh cu chi tunnels vietnam

Not me in the photo. Although, yes me a friend and a petite Chinese girl where the only 3 out of our group of about 30 to go into the non-tourist tunnel. You have to crawl on your knees and it is pitch black with bats down there.

Cu Chi Tunnels will be explored more in an upcoming post but needless to say, it is a must when in Ho Chi Minh City.

More to come on Vietnam no doubt, have a look at some of my other travel blogs while you are here that’s all for now folks.