Giveaway: Free Share of AT&T

Giveaway: Free Share of AT&T

My first giveaway.

I thought it might be a nice idea to giveaway a free share to somebody.

I thought why not a decent yielding dividend stock that has been beaten down as of late.

AT&T with a current dividend yield of 7.35%.

The lucky winner will get the money sent over as sending an actual stock would be very difficult. Not only will the winner get a free share of AT&T currently valued at around $29 or about £22 they will get that sweet dividend of $2.08 per year for just holding it!

Want the chance to win the share?

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Your comment should give a little information on why you started investing or what your goals are and why you think you should win.

Just a couple of lines will do, the more the merrier though.

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I shall pick the best comment and confirm you are on my list.

Remember all you have to do is subscribe to my email list using the box above and leave a comment on this post!

Giving me a follow on Instagram would be great but if you do not use Instagram then do not worry.

The lucky winner will be announced 1 week from today on the 30th of November 2020.

Once a winner has been chosen I shall transfer the money over via PayPal or any other method the winner is happy with.

Finally, it would be nice if the winner did buy a share of AT&T but really they can do as they wish with the winnings!

I wish everybody good luck. If people jump on board and actually join in with this give away then I may make it a regular thing so make sure you stay subscribed.

Winner Announced!

Today is the day. The winner of my first ever giveaway is Mr James Stone!

Congratulations James. When I do another giveaway I shall get something in place that makes it easier to enter and pick a winner automatically.

Thanks to all that entered. Remember, stay subscribed and active to be included in future giveaways.

Here is a screenshot sent to me by the winner! He did not want to disclose his full portfolio but was happy to shot the AT&T share he purchased with the money I sent over.

Long may the dividends keep rolling in on your winning share.



20 thoughts on “Giveaway: Free Share of AT&T”

  1. Started trading back in lockdown after a bit of research and have been growing the portfolio ever since. I use this website often for good tips!

  2. At the beginning I’ve started to invest out of curiosity, then one thing lead to the other…. now I consider myself a divided growth investor.

  3. I started investing in November 2019 after my brother introduced me to the Freetrade app. I’ve since started using Trading212 as well and found loads of great resources on YouTube including your channel 🙂

    • I have a Freetrade account as a “backup broker”. Trading 212 ticks all the boxes for me though! Make sure you subscribe to my e-mail list to be included in the draw. Thanks.

  4. Hey Sean, I started investing in Dec 2019, with the aim to start building some wealth and work towards taking control of my financial future. So far it’s going quite well! Survived a huge market crash, and bought heavily on the way down and as much as I could on the way up again. I would love to win a share of T, as it’s my favourite US dividend stock, and a super aristocrat. Keep up the fantastic work buddy!!

  5. New to investing and just found your web site while i was researching Trading 212. I signed up with them using your link last night!
    Very interested in dividend paying shares and creating a portfolio that could generage passive income.

  6. I have started investing this year after much research! I enjoy your website and it has helped my develop my dividend investment strategy!

  7. If I won, I think I would use the cash to buy AT&T as it would be a top up on an existing holding – nice little share which pays dividends.

    Been investing for around 7 years, mostly buy and hold (ETFs and investment trusts) but tinker about on GIA on Freetrade – I have no expertise on stock picking but it’s fun to have a small amount to play with!


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