Dividend Spreadsheet

Dividend Tracking Spreadsheet

I have decided to start offering my dividend tracking spreadsheet for you guys to use as a template or to just copy entirely the layout and format.

For now, I present you with the chance to grab a copy of my dividend tracking spreadsheet now only £5 payment options below.

If you can not afford this to help support me and the site, then sign up to my email list and you can get a copy.

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All you have to do is edit the tickers and share amounts. If you wish to use Finki API you must also obtain your own free API key and fill that in.

US stocks are fully automated just edit the tickers and share amounts. UK stocks just need a little TLC, as some display in pence and others in pounds.

You will be able to see from my sheet how it works. If you get stuck I can do it for you.

Finzi does seem to be having issues at the moment but you could always use Finki API for all the info you want/need.

Then just enter your dividend payments as you get them and watch the graphs get bigger and bigger each month!

If you have any questions about the sheet or setup problem etc. either contact me with the form on here or even better DM me on Instagram @usefulrandom_invesitng I am always happy to help.

Dividend Spreadsheet

Now Included For Free

For a limited time, I am including my newly created portfolio stress tester.

You can simulate your expected portfolio’s returns after you start withdrawing either 4% or 5% more on the 4% rule here.

You can also get a copy of this for free just by subscribing to my email list.

Just enter your expected monthly expenses and the sheet will calculate your required portfolio size for the aforementioned 4%or 5% withdrawals.

Retirement Portfolio Tester

None of the above should be used as financial advice, I am not a professional. Always do your own research. You should use the spreadsheet as a template only not to copy my portfolio.