Useful Random Investing Blog

A blog on Investing, Personal Finance, Dividend Investing, Passive Income amongst other things.

Hi, my name is Sean and welcome to Useful Random Investing Blog.

It will mostly be the categories above but from time to time there could be posts on all sorts of subject matters. My main passions are personal finance and dividend investing. I love helping others get their finances in order to set them up for retirement, hopefully long before their state pension is available. Not just for retirement but to have more disposable income before retirement as well. Cutting back on the things we do not need and focusing on what is important to us.

I have many passions that will be reflected in this blog over time and I hope you can enjoy the blog with me and grow with me as well!


Other Blogs I follow.

Weenie over at Quietly Saving has a great blog documenting her journey. 


Sean C