A Brief History of Trading 212: From Startup to Leading Online Broker

Here is a little piece on Trading 212 with whom I hold my Stocks and Shares ISA.

Trading 212 is a leading online broker that offers a range of trading and investment services to retail and institutional clients. Founded in 2004, the company has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a small startup. In this article, we’ll take a look at the history of Trading 212, exploring the key events and milestones that have shaped the company into the successful business it is today.

Early Years: 2004-2012

Trading 212 was founded in 2004 by Ivan Ashminov and his brother, Stoyan BOzhilov. The company started out as a small startup offering online trading services to retail clients in Bulgaria. In its early years, Trading 212 focused on building its platform and expanding its range of services.

In 2007, Trading 212 launched its proprietary trading platform, which was designed to be user-friendly and accessible to traders of all levels. The platform was well-received by traders and helped to establish Trading 212 as a trusted and reliable broker.

Growth and Expansion: 2012-2018

In 2012, Trading 212 expanded beyond Bulgaria and entered the UK market. This marked an important milestone for the company and helped to establish it as a global player in the online trading industry.

Over the next few years, Trading 212 continued to grow and expand its services. In 2014, the company launched its mobile app, which allowed traders to access their accounts and trade on-the-go. This was a key factor in the company’s success, as it helped to make trading more accessible and convenient for its clients.

In 2016, Trading 212 was acquired by the investment firm Avus Capital, which provided the company with the financial resources and support it needed to continue its growth.

Recent Developments: 2018-Present

In 2018, Trading 212 launched its new trading platform, which included a number of improvements and enhancements over the previous version. The platform was designed to be even more user-friendly and offered a range of tools and resources to help traders make informed decisions.

In 2020, Trading 212 announced that it had reached over 8 million registered users, making it one of the largest online brokers in Europe. The company also launched a number of new features and services, including commission-free trading and a range of investment products.

Trading 212 has come a long way since its founding in 2004. From its humble beginnings as a small startup in Bulgaria, the company has grown and evolved into a leading online broker with a global presence. Trading 212’s success can be attributed to its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, as well as its ability to adapt and respond to the changing needs of the market. As the company looks towards the future, it is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the online trading industry.

They have had a rocky patch in the middle but overall I think they have came to be known as a good beginner friendly platform! I have no intentions of moving away from them now or in the foreseeable.

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